Diversity, Down Syndrome, and the Fight for Life

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The First Time I Saw My Son With Down Syndrome

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Down Syndrome: A Definition

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Here’s Why I Post So Much About My Son With Down Syndrome

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My personal Facebook feed has an imbalance that is glaringly apparent. It tends to be heavily in favor of my youngest son. Dominic has Down syndrome, and so my feed also has a fair sprinkling of articles and posts about Down syndrome-related issues. Prenatal testing, disability awareness, accomplishments of people… Read more »

People Say My Son “Suffers” From Down Syndrome. I Disagree.

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Three Little Words That Mean So Much: I Wuf Oo

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Early Communication & Down Syndrome: A Speech Pathologist’s Perspective

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What I Learned About (2)

Early Communication and Down Syndrome: Some Perspective As my youngest son is nearing his third birthday, I’ve been reflecting on what I have learned about building early communication and Down syndrome over the past three years. I have concluded that my 24/7 crash course in communication has taught me quite… Read more »

Some Things Prenatal Testing Can’t Detect

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Worried About Down Syndrome? | Nothing to Fear

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Meet Dominic | Trisomy 21 Club President

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