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Here’s Why I Post So Much About My Son With Down Syndrome

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My personal Facebook feed has an imbalance that is glaringly apparent. It tends to be heavily in favor of my youngest son. Dominic has Down syndrome, and so my feed also has a fair sprinkling of articles and posts about Down syndrome-related issues. Prenatal testing, disability awareness, accomplishments of people… Read more »

Some Things Prenatal Testing Can’t Detect

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Meet Dominic | Trisomy 21 Club President

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Exhaustion Meets Grace

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Developmental Milestones In A Child With Down Syndrome | 12 Months

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Speech Development In A Child With Down Syndrome | 9 Months

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Love hiking with Dad.

Building Communication for Early Language Development is Key for a Child with Down Syndrome Because he has Down syndrome, I fully expect that my son Dominic will develop speech and language skills in a slightly different way than my other children have done. Dominic’s speech development is of particular interest to me… Read more »

My Heartstrings are Stretched

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