My Heartstrings are Stretched

Rose Godfrey   August 7, 2013   No Comments

Eleven hours away from home today and I am tired.

My son had an echocardiogram today to check his heart. It is his first one, just a preliminary/baseline test because kids with Down syndrome sometimes have heart problems. Sometimes they don’t. Dominic was wide awake and he seemed to think that the echo tech was there for his own personal amusement. He was a little annoyed with her that she would not let him control the transducer but he was easily distracted–if not stilled–by a neat little toy she brought out to get his attention. The tech was patient and kind and…did I mention patient? Gave toys to all the other kids who were chillin’ in the waiting room with Brian.

It seemed to go alright. We will have results in a few days. The tech did say “uh oh” once, but I think that was because Mr. Wigglebottom had managed to elude her again. Naturally, on the ride home after an 11 hour day away from home, I thought of that “uh oh” again and hoped it was only that. But either way, my sweet boy’s health is in God’s hands. I’m not going to lie and tell you I don’t worry, but so far he does look good all around and we are so blessed to have him.

The not so fun part of the day was holding my little guy down for not one but TWO blood draws. Didn’t get enough blood the first time (wiggled again, but this time not so happily). Dominic forgot after a few minutes that he’d been angry at all of us. This test was to check his thyroid levels and we’ll know if treatment is needed sometime next week which probably means double that since we are coming up on a holiday week.

This post started out as a post to friends on Facebook, but it got rather long and I decided to move it over here. Why? Because having a kid with Down Syndrome is a blessing to me, and I want the world to know it. I’m going to try and make sure I get that message out.

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Dominic is an absolutely amazing and precious child. And I’ll keep telling that to anyone who will listen because someday, somewhere there might be a mom out there who is afraid of having that baby she just found out has Down syndrome. She might read the pamphlets and listen to fearmongers, and she might think that she would not be able to raise a child with Down syndrome.

She can.

If that person is you, I’ll tell you:

You can.

This child is different from my others, but not in a scary, sad, or burdensome way. He is quiet and patient and delighted by everything. He is fearfully and wonderfully made. My sweet little guy drew a crowd of admirers in the lab today and again at the cardiologist’s office and yet again in the grocery store after all the testing was done. He smiles and coos and melts people’s hearts. Mine too.

I usually try and think and edit before I post, but this day just keeps getting longer, so I’m done. I appreciate it when I post about the joy that comes with having a kid with DS. I appreciate your prayers for my son’s continued health.

Thanks for all your support.

This was originally posted in the summer of 2013 when my son was a wee infant.

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