Meet Dominic

The Big D!!

The Big D!!

Dominic is the inspiration for the Trisomy 21 Club website and Facebook page. The first moment we saw his sweet face, we knew that Dominic has Down syndrome. And that’s OK. In fact, it is more than OK.

We celebrate his strengths and help him learn how to navigate around his weaknesses. Sometimes when we meet people, they don’t know what to say. Sometimes they look away and try to not notice him, but Dominic is always so happy to meet new people that you can’t very well ignore him for long. We don’t want people to feel awkward. Dominic is who God designed him to be. He is our sweet child and yes, he has an extra copy of the 21st chromosome.

We hope, in telling our story, providing information about Down syndrome, and in writing about Down syndrome that others will see that Down syndrome is nothing to be afraid of. Dominic is a blessing to our family, and we hope that the information contained here will be a blessing to you as well.


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