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Diversity, Down Syndrome, and the Fight for Life

Rose Godfrey   October 30, 2016   No Comments

People Say My Son “Suffers” From Down Syndrome. I Disagree.

Rose Godfrey   March 25, 2016   3 Comments

Three Little Words That Mean So Much: I Wuf Oo

Rose Godfrey   February 7, 2016   No Comments

Early Communication & Down Syndrome: A Speech Pathologist’s Perspective

Rose Godfrey   January 19, 2016   3 Comments
What I Learned About (2)

Early Communication and Down Syndrome: Some Perspective As my youngest son is nearing his third birthday, I’ve been reflecting on what I have learned about building early communication and Down syndrome over the past three years. I have concluded that my 24/7 crash course in communication has taught me quite… Read more »

Some Things Prenatal Testing Can’t Detect

Rose Godfrey   June 20, 2015   No Comments